In Spring 2016 I started and hosted a radio show at the student radio station at UW. My time slot was just an hour, but I really enjoyed inviting people into the studio (even though it was ridiculously hot all the time) to talk about things that we thought were important and/or mundane. I booked the talent, planned the show, hosted the show live on air, and edited and produced the show for playback every week. The show ran for 10 weeks during Spring quarter 2016. Here are a few samples:
I created, hosted, and produced Louder for the People in the Back! (L4PB) from Fall 2016 – Spring 2017. With this show, I wanted to talk about and amplify issues that I thought no one was talking about or that people should know about. Looking through the headlines every week and scouring my favorite blogs I would pick a topic that I found interesting or relevant and curate a playlist on that topic. Then I throughout the show I would discuss the topic and how it related to the music. Sometimes I edited the audio for playback and other times I didn’t. Sometimes I would write a blog post about it and other times I didn’t. Linked below are some of my favorites, most of them with audio recordings of the live show. And yes, I do subscribe to Tidal.
Neo-Soul Series 
Part 1 (blog post only): A Seat at the Table
Part 2 (blog post only): The Queen Mothers
Part 3: The Brown Sugar Daddies
Part 4: The Neos
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