The Basics.
Hi. I'm Mayowa. I am a editor, producer, writer, and storyteller based in Seattle, WA. 
I record, edit, and produce audio stories with an ear for social justice and an eye for artful design.
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I am open for and actively seeking new opportunities! Currently, I am seeking permanent positions in radio journalism and audio storytelling. 
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The Details.
Intentionality, clarity, and strategy are my core values. I believe these are the foundation for creativity and efficacy. These values serve me well in several industries but I have particular expertise in the audio storytelling world.  My practice is infused with current best practices in digital and social media strategy, and I supplement my practice with refined writing and (sometimes) data visualization.
I tell stories for small businesses, brands, publications, and entrepreneurs through compelling writing, audio, and data. I am particularly skilled at taking ideas from conception to launch with a focus on maintenance and scale
Solving problems and reaching thoughtfully stated goals are what drive me to create. My resourcefulness, relationships, and leadership ability make me a great communicator and collaborator.  In the end, I am an information professional who focuses on communicating information in the most impactful way possible, whatever way that may be. 
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